One Time! - Built From Necessity!

One Time! started as a home-built tool to improve my putting... little did I know how well it would work. I went from averaging 2.5 putts per hole to 1.8 putts per hole and my confidence is through the roof! Give it a try!

Hit your line every time!

Putting well combines two things - picking the right line and swinging with the right speed. Since the correct speed is based upon the line you pick, hitting your line is key to making your putt. One Time! trains you to keep your putting stroke in line with the line you chose, so you can hit your line every time!

  • Use it as a gate

    Using a gate to mark an intermediate target is a great way to improve your putting. With One Time's built in spikes, you can place the gate anywhere on the practice green. Keep it narrow or widen it out to give children an easy target.

  • Use it as a hole

    One Time! collapses to the width of a hole so you can lay it flat and putt directly into it. This is especially helpful if there are no holes open on the practice green, like during a tournament. It also provides a hole for you to putt into at home!

  • Mark your divot

    Use One Time! as a reference point to mark your divot. Place a ball next to the back spike and swing away. You'll know exactly where you hit the ground allowing you to a make the necessary adjustments to your stance or swing.